New James Kenney Playground, Berkeley CA
New James Kenney Playground, Berkeley CA

Bay-Con Infrastructure is providing construction management services to the general contractor, Redwood Construction & Engineering on the James Kenney Park Renovation Project in Berkeley, CA

Press release from the City of Berkeley:

The City of Berkeley, Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department is excited to be announcing the completion of the James Kenney Park Picnic and Play Area Renovation Project

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the City of Berkeley is foregoing the traditional grand re-opening ribbon cutting ceremony and speeches.  The State has allowed the opening of playgrounds, so the park’s new play areas are opening today, Friday, December 11, 2020!  

The project started its design process in 2015 to expand the play and picnic space adjacent to the James Kenney Recreation Center. It includes a new Tot Lot (for ages 2-5) and Playground (for ages 5-12) with swings, climbing structures, play towers, natural play/stepping logs and more. There is also a rain bioretention area to treat storm water, enlarged picnic space, new sidewalk and ADA accessibility improvements around the site.

This capital improvement project follows many other improvements in and around the park which include: the James Kenney Recreation Center Seismic Renovation Project, BAHIA childcare center improvement project, 7th Street Frontage Sidewalk improvement project, improvements to the sports courts, various maintenance projects, and landscaping improvements around the site.  

The project was funded by City of Berkeley Parks Tax (Measure F) and by the East Bay Regional Parks District Measure WW Local Grant Program. 

Many thanks to everyone who was part of bringing this park improvement project to life, including the following:

Friends of James Kenney Park

Parks and Waterfront Commission – Jim McGrath, Chair

District 1 Council Member – Rashi Kesarwani

City of Berkeley Maintenance, Landscaping and Forestry Divisions – Bruce Pratt, Walter Vandernald, Pamela Boland, Jacob Several, Daniel Gallagher

City of Berkeley Parks Capital Improvements Division – Evelyn Chan, Taylor Lancelot, Isaac Carnegie

East Bay Regional Parks District – Elizabeth Echols & Jessica Lau

Design Consultant – Barbara Lundburg, Lauren Ivey of RHAA Landscape Architects

Construction Managers – Dave Hernandez, Filbert Carbajal of O’Conner Construction Management Inc.

Contractor - Redwood Engineering Construction – Ben Cerney, Phil Mieszkowski, Jorge Angel

Inspectors - City of Berkeley Robert Hall and CTS Construction Services 

Parks make life better!